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UX Design
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UX Research, UI Design, Wireframing, Personas & Scenario Development
Collaborative case study done with Market Gravity, Toronto.

The Raptors are a Canadian professional basketball team based in Toronto. The team underwent a viral rebranding in 2015 with the tagline, “We the North”. This phrase has now become synonymous with how Canadians proudly identify themselves.

This case study was a User Interface design exercise to envision what aspects could be improved or aany additional features that could be incorporated, supported by research from user interviews with Raptors fans themselves.


Systems are being developed as a one size fits all
Our systems need to start thinking about the way we think instead.


As new breakthroughs are made in the world of brain-computer interactions and neuroscience, the way we will interface with cyberspaces is going to change completely. Interfaces have been developed based on an aggregate of user behaviours. Everyone thinks and communicates differently but as a result we’re still required to use an aggregate-based interface archetype. However, as we better understand how our brains work, so should our devices.

Will be
+5-7 Years
Will happen
+10-15 Years

At present we interface the cloud by way of "data mediums" , i.e. our daily devices, that we interact with and then communicates with the cloud to come back to us with a response. As we see devices becoming closer and more connected to us, the way we interact with the cloud will also change.

Current Interfaces
Future Interfaces

Instead of using devices to interact with the cloud, we may eventually be able to interface directly through our cognition. The resulting service will need to operate and provide responses to users proactively and with intrinsic value in order to keep up to speed.

The above diagram maps out all current services that provide users with a proactive service that utilises intrinsic data. The value opportunity here is a proactive digital assistant that provides intrinsically relevant responses to user queries.


Personality, temperament, moods, and thoughts are all factors that influence each other over time but at the core of it is the thought process. The diagram below is a representation of approach versus affect. Until technologies are capable enough of understanding human thought, one way to start unpacking such a complicated system is by starting from the outside in, by beginning with key personality traits.

There are many different techniques that are employed to determine personality traits. One such method is by using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It categorises personalities based on the following four spectrums:

Where does one get their energy?
- Introversion (I) vs Extroversion (E)

How do they take in information?
-Sensing (S) vs Intuition (N)

How do they base their decisions?
- Thinking (T) vs Feeling (F)

How do they organise their world?
-Judging or structure (J) vs Perceiving or flexibility (P)

Depending on the initials of your personality type, they can be further categorised under either Sentinels, Analysts, Explorers or Diplomats.


Sentinels are helpful and exceptionally pragmatic, embracing and creating order, security and stability wherever they go. Individuals in this category are generally persevering, meticulous and traditional, They succeed in logistical or administrative fields, particularly those that depend on clear processes and rules. These character types like to adhere to their plans but doesn't avoid taking on challenges – however, they can be inflexible and reluctant to accept different points of view.


Diplomats prioritize empathy and cooperation. They do really well in areas of diplomacy and counseling. They are imaginative and often taking on the responsibility of being the peacekeeper in their workplace or social circles. Diplomats are warm, empathic and influential individuals, but can struggle on making decisions based on rationality in tough situations.



These personality types are inclined to rationality and impartiality, excelling in fields of science, technology and intellectual debate. Other character traits include being independent, open-minded, strong-willed and imaginative as well as approaching situations from a utilitarian perspective. Their priorities may often lie in what works than what satisfies everybody. These traits make Analysts excellent strategic thinkers.


Explorers are utilitarian, practical, and excel in thinking on their feet. They are masters of craft and techniques, utilizing them from multiple points of view – going from dominating these skills to pursuing others. These character types are indispensable in emergencies, craft, and sales. Their qualities can also push them towards taking on risky challenges or zeroing in exclusively on sensory experiences.


NEO is a two-fold cloud service.

First, it is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which consists of a virtual private cloud that allows for secure private storage of data as well as running cloud-based applications, typically a service offered only to enterprise customers. Although given the growth of cloud storage demand amongst users over the last few years, companies should prepare to provide enterprise level cloud services for everyday users in coming years.


And secondly, it is a Software as a Service (SaaS) which is an interface by way of an advanced virtual assistant which is modeled to respond and access information based on the user’s contextual psychographic data as well as indicators in personality. As a result, creating interactions that are synthesized through digital empathy for the user.

Value As delivery

The following is a Value As Delivery model which maps out the value being delivered, revenue, costs, key partners and participants in the platform.

COST Benefit

What is the potential market value of the service to a web company like Amazon?

As of Q4 2020
Amazon Web Services lead with
of the global cloud services market
$ 44.2 Billion
of the global cloud services market

at ~$0.045/ hour

Current Enterprise cost rate of a VPC-NAT
Cost for 16 hours a day

$ 0.72/ day
$ 21.6/ month
$259.2/ year

As of 2021, Amazon reported over 146. 8 million Prime Members.
By multiplying the annual service cost into the current user base,
Amazon's potential market value for this service is valued at

$ 38 Billion


Instagram was created specifically to share pictures. However, questions to consider are...

Why do we take pictures?

What value will Instagram bring to the meta-verse?

Why do we want to remember?


MIND map / brainstorm

Using Augmented Life as a starting point, associated opportunities were mapped out in a brainstorming session:

Following the brainstorming session, interviews were conducted to understand what makes an experience valuable and/or memorable. Insights were mapped out based on positive or negative sentiments versus memorable or non-memorable moments gave us insight into where the opportunity lies.


As we realise the permanence of the digital age, the value of digital legacy is becoming more apparent. Addressing the building blocks of a legacy can also determine what defines a valuable moment.

A unique moment occurs when there is intrinsic value found in anyone of these characteristics.
Memories consist of multiple moments either by sequence or value.
Stories are built by sharing a collection of these memories to create a narrative.
Legacies are made up of a collection of experiences or stories


Building the vision

Understanding Instagram's current vision model was key in developing the Augmented vision model.



To inspire creativity


To capture memories



Take better mobile pictures and share them quickly & efficiently.


Capture and share intrinsic moments intuitively



Community first. Inspire creativity. Simplicity matters.


Community first. Inspire creativity. Simplicity matters.



Browsing feed. Upload pictures. Post a story.​


Capture a moment. Create a legacy.
Reflect on memories.


IN conclusion...

Why do we take pictures?

To manifest a recollectable moment of intrinsic value

What value will Instagram bring to the meta-verse?


Why do we want to remember?

To either learn or to enjoy

It is important to understand the historical and personal value of the legacy.

The Memoir page provides the user a more personalized and in-depth understanding of the historical and emotional value connected to the assets. As a result, this provides the assets to be part of not only a physical realm but also to be part of an emotional one. The connection between the memoirs and assets, will create a more valuable experience for the user, and give them the initiative to continue and care for the legacy of benefactor.

Providing the user awareness of their options, services, and next steps.

The financial Doula is a service that is provided through a digital platform, it gives the user the freedom to take the next steps at their own pace and time. It is noted that millennials and younger generations prefer quick access’ to information therefore a digital application would meet these needs. The Doula is also an educational resource that provides a financial glossary to aid the user in furthering their understanding of the process.

Merging a digital platform with a physical space creates a link between generations.

The Serene space provides baby boomers a physical platform to easily exchange their legacy. It has been noted that older generations like baby boomers prefer face-to-face interaction when it comes to their finances. Therefore, Serene brings two generations together in a peaceful and welcoming environment to openly converse about the beginning or continuation of a legacy.

What will your legacy be?


By studying the routine of habitual smokers,

How might we deliver an experience that...

emulates stress relief?

is immersive?

is familiar but relaxing?


Insights were synthesized from interviews by developing an experience map of a habitual smoker:


Create visual narrative
3D scene development
Convert to VR Experience



Put on headset
Walk around for spatial calibration
Initiate Experience
Interact with meditative experience

The Challenge

How might we...

improve the subscription service based environment?

give more control to the subscription users?

simplify the management of services?


Personas & THemes

Key themes that were of value to specific demographics :

Young Proffessional

While most users  browse freely, others are more decisive and like to maintain accountability.


Subscription packages are more approachable at student, family, and shared rates.

independant business owner

Users have trouble juggling multiple subscriptions and often contemplate if they are worth the cost.

New mother

Single subscription is being shared widely amongst friends and family members.

Empathy Map

Insights were further mapped to understand what the user says, thinks, does, and feels.


The following were the service features that were developed from the research:


Landing page allows users to see all their subscriptions at a glance. Along with how many others share the account or if services are being split.


Users can see who their subscriptions are being split with


Transparency on how much each user pays for the split services.


Users can see who the primary account holder is on accounts that are shared such as Family Subscription since there is only user being billed.


After prototyping, feedback provided some valuable critique:

What worked

- The app communicates wanted information clearly.

- The idea is original, and could be seamlessly integrated in to any users life.

- Navigation is smooth and for the most part intuitive.

What didn't work

- "I'd like to see a direct link between Splyt and a service in use."

- Streaming businesses have no immediate financial incentive.

- Primary account holder would be nice to see/made more clear.

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